Transformation is about rebirthing yourself to find wholeness again. How? Dealing with the parts of you that are suffering, shut down, blocked and in pain & overwhelm—wherever you feel minimized from Big Events at midlife.

I will guide you to do this by igniting your fierce courage, strength of character, and inner wisdom to bring about this new awakening.

Discover Your Place in the Healing Voyage of Transformation

Phase One: Lost at Sea

In order to transform, you must first notice where you are: Hang out in the big waves, acknowledge the darkness and your fear of not knowing where you are.  Become mindful of your current state.

Phase Two: Finding a Mooring

Once you have begun to learn how to self witness, we help you awaken your courage and inner widsom to find support within your Self.

Tools include: facing your fears, mindful self-compassion training, naming your feelings, hearing your story.

Phase Three: Diving into the Deep

Together with self-compassion as your guide, we will move more deeply towards the painful parts you’ve been avoiding till now. Learning the spiral staircase of grief, we will voyage deeper through sorrow, despair, longing, letting go, radical acceptance and self-forgiveness.

But little by little, as you left their voices behind, the stars began to burn through the sheets of clouds, and there was a new voice…

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Phase Four: Rebirthing

Coming up from the deep diving sets the stage for you to rediscover who you are now. You are transforming before your eyes and inside there is a clearer internal path to a deeper more authentic you. Now we will use your intuitive wisdom to create a vision of this new path by awakening creativity, passion and purpose.

Phase Five: Setting Sail

Jump aboard the boat leaving the mooring now, because this is the NEW YOU!

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About Donna

My Transition Transformation Story:  As  woman of 63, I faced my lifelong fears by climbing Mt. Killimanjaro, 19,340 feet,  on  January 21, 2016.  This trip was the most empowering thing I have ever done in my life –it was a leap I took in my own transition journey.

What I have learned in the last year and a half is the culmination of many learnings I’ve had through my midlife transitions and this is what I’d like to help you learn as well.  It just takes growing the courage to find the real you deep underneath all that life experience and struggle.  Are you ready to make your leap?