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You can step into your power and birth a New You at midlife! In this memoir, I share my circuitous and vulnerable steps through the five stages of the midlife voyage—Lost at Sea; Finding a Mooring; Deep Diving; Rebirthing; and the New You. 

I wrote this memoir so that my journey and the tools I used could be a healing roadmap for you on YOUR midlife journey, helping you chart a course that transmutes your challenges into inner rebirth and awakens the power of the Wisewoman.


I hope you’ll join me!

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You can also order a Midlife Meditation to guide your practices as you read this book and move through the five stages of your  midlife voyage. Look below for the link to the Midlife Meditation Page.  

Here’s what readers are saying about  A Midlife Voyage to Transformation:

This book shows with all honesty and vulnerability that feeling what is ours to feel is how we can navigate our way into a more authentic existence where who we are is more than enough.  It’s quite captivating how she weaves together personal stories, deep reflections, and accessible healing tools.  Whenever I put it down, I craved going back to it for more mentorship and support.  ~Kristina E.

Title: A Midlife Voyage to Transformation

Author: Donna Roe Daniell, LCSW

Publisher: Mindful Books 

ISBN: 978-1-7368497-0-5

Genres: Memoir/Women’s Studies/Self-Help

Retail Price: $18.95

Format: Paperback

Trim: 6’’ X 9”

Pages:  233 

Release Date:  June 15, 2021

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