The Midlife Voyage to Transformation

Ask yourself the following…


Do you feel a bit heavy from some of the emotional challenges you are facing in your life, or that have piled up over the past few years?

How would you like to work through and release those challenges and in the process find a path of healing that opens you up to a deeper more authentic you?

Are you fearful and confused about how to move forward in your life right now and how to find yourself again?

Let me guide you into your fears and awaken the essence of who you really are in this healing process.  


Do you feel critical of yourself and your life choices and feel stuck in that negativity?

Learning to face that self-critic and name those feelings can only bring you face to face with your own beautiful heart of compassion waiting for you.

Are you tired of giving too much to everyone else and need some time to get quiet and just be you now?

Midlife is our opportunity to focus on ourselves and learn ways to bring care and love inside.  This brings us the peace and joy we deserve.