Donate to AfricAid

In DRAWDOWN, The most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to

Reverse Global Warming, by Paul Hawken,  helping Women and Girls is

right up there with Energy, Food, Land Use, Buildings & Cities,

Transport, Materials and Coming Attractions.  I was a climate activist and

I was doing everything I could to educate and share how I was learning to

help us turn the corner and fight this major challenge of our generation.

Written in 2017, I was inspired by this book because I was already helping

women and I wanted to see how I could help girls.

In 2016 I went to Tanzania with AfricAid, a non-profit started by a young

American woman who saw how she could help young African women get

educated and move their lives forward. She showed that with support, aid

and leadership skills these “top in their class” young African women were

able to choose to complete their secondary education and go to college.

They were able to become doctors and engineers, teachers and

scientists.  They  were mentored by others who had completed the

program and it was just this amazing process of women empowering


My trip was to climb Mt. Killimanjaro, but it was also to fund getting five

African women who were AfricAid mentors who had completed the Kisa

Program, the afterschool leadership program that inspired and

empowered these young women, up that mountain with us. And we did!!

So today, you too, can offer aid to help women and girls in Africa move

their lives forward.  AfricAid is a great way to start helping…..This video

shows more about our trip and about this amazing non-profit.   I hope you

can contribute to help these African women and join women empowering women!