IFS Therapy

A treatment for big and little traumas in your life.

Recent research confirms that mind-body approaches to psychotherapy are the most enduring and effective. “IFS” or Internal Family Systems Therapy, was developed by Richard Schwartz, Ph.D, a family therapist 30 years ago. It is a mindfulness-based approach to inner healing, and it heals deep trauma in your system.  You learn how to befriend yourself and heal yourself, slowly and safely, with a guide.  The client and therapist  join together in a collaborative partnership of self-growth and healing that empowers you to use these IFS Tools for the rest of your life because they are so helpful.  You can learn more about IFS on their website here.

Using IFS tools to heal you at Midlife

Midlife is the time when we have the opportunity to heal ourselves more deeply.  I teach women to take advantage of  painful catastrophes that arise as  calls to awaken and transform– to dive deeper into our darkest parts and allow them to heal.  I guide women to do this safely in my programs and retreats.  As a certified IFS Therapist, I have worked with many individuals and couples over the past 20 years in my practice.   I bring these IFS tools to all my Women’s Retreats and Groups for women in midlife transitions.


By learning to activate your Self—your spiritual center of knowing and safety—you can explore some of the many parts that make up your total being. Parts acting without your leadership can react and cause many problems in your life and in your relationships. Together we will learn about your parts, what they need from you, and how you can become connected with them as their leader. With this self-leadership, you can reach a state of curiosity, non-reactiveness, integration, emotional resilience, inner-connectedness and calm.


IFS Intensives  (I am currently not offering Intensives)

Consider an IFS Intensive for focused individual or couples work.

Here’s some reasons to build this powerful tool into your life right now

What is an Intensive? It is an opportunity to schedule a 2 or 3 hour time block to explore a specific issue with which you want to find some clarity or resolution quickly on an issue that is causing you much distress. If you are experiencing anger outbursts, overwhelming emotional reactions, panic and anxiety, sleep disturbances, relationship difficulties, parenting concerns, overwhelming feelings that you don’t understand, reactions that are not serving you or causing pain in relationships, unresolved grief, unresolved traumas, depression or exhaustion, negativity, lack of pleasure or joy in life — all of these can be the focus of an IFS Intensive with you alone or with you and your partner.