As you begin your path on the midlife voyage, these mindfulness, self-compassion, and IFS inspired practices are designed to help you gain the tools you need to move on to the next stage.   They are designed to help you find grounding and a home base in your body and your breath, as well as help you develop a self-compassion container of Self Energy.  As you develop more Self Energy or Presence, you will be able to ride your transition wave on the top in a  position of Self Leadership, and not get washed under the waves of change happening in your life.


Practice daily and you will begin to see the benefits of developing this deeper connection with yourself by practicing mindfulness.  Feel free to add your own practices to these.  I recommend that you find a special place that is private that you can set up as your Sacred Space, where you can sit at the same time each day to do your practices.  Sitting up with a supported straight back, feet on the floor or crossed, where you feel comfort is a good posture.  You may need to go back to practices you have used that seem to work for you, as you continue moving forward.  Practices from Stage 1 and 2 are ones you will need throughout your voyage.  It is a personal path that you are creating so pay close attention to what works for you.

Stage 3:  Diving into the Deep

Dancing with your Self-Critic

Ceremonial Pow-Wow

Dancing with your Polarized Parts

Compassionate Witnessing: I hear you

Letting go to love  –  Building trust with parts

The Grief Ritual 

Speaking for your parts

Stage 4:  Rebirthing

Welcoming the “New Authenic You”

Getting to Know You 

Ceremonial Pow-wow

Stage 5:  The New You—Setting Sail 

Loving Kindness for Ourselves