BUNDLE – A Midlife Voyage to Transformation & Workbook

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The memoir, A Midlife Voyage of Transformation, and the Companion Workbook to A Midlife Voyage to Transformation at the discounted price of $24.98. This is the perfect way to get all the tools in a workable guided format along the 5 Steps of the Midlife Voyage as you read the motivating and powerful stories that Donna shares in her memoir. You can actually see her using the tools in the memoir and then take yourself through them yourself as you are ready. Having them both together is like having Donna right there coaching you along the way so you don’t feel so isolated, alone and fearful of your challenges and how to face them.  Learn how to build your fierce compassion, deep listening and deep diving. Learn what your Grief Journey might look and feel like while feeling supported on your healing path. Choosing this healing voyage, no matter what you are dealing with in your midlife, will activate your ability to make choices and move your life forward NOW!  (You will get a signed copy of the memoir with this Bundle)

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