Rebirthing in Nature in Taos – July 22-25, 2021

July 22-25, 2021      4 days/3 nights          Taos, N.M.

—–Are you a woman between the ages of 30 and 65 feeling blocked in your life, not sure how to move forward towards your own personal healing?  Are you reeling from a difficult divorce or death or major change in your life?  Do you get glimpses of a healthier you but keep getting lost again, unable to find a healing path on your own? 

The physical practices that we will do together on this retreat are all geared towards helping you move through your limitations and see there are really NO limitations! Everything is healable. The more we lean towards our wounding the more it will transform us.   And the more we move through our limiting beliefs and patterns the more self love we cultivate and the more self actualization happens.  We will show you this healing path….

—–Do you lack self-confidence, feel jealousy towards others, lack trust in your decisions, and have a strong self-critical voice that keeps pulling you down into a painful depression loop where you get stuck and immobile? 

 We will help you build your personal confidence and power by challenging you to physically, psychologically and spiritually to expand yourself, to find your greatest strengths through powerful experiences in nature.  As you begin to deepen your own self awareness by moving mindfully through a mountain setting accomplishing these challenges, you will see that you can both trust yourself and move through your fear.  We will sit in a mindful presence holding our fear, learning to have a gentleness, curiosity and compassion towards it. This is a practice that will catapult you into self love and clarity, and thus help you begin to trust yourself!

—–-Do you have past trauma wounds that cause fear and distrust in yourself and in your personal relationships?  Are you fearful of looking more deeply at your own wounds, or limiting beliefs, or even know how to start?   Afraid of even facing these fears? 

 We will help you put one foot in front of the other and do it mindfully, feeling the fear that comes up and allowing it to move through you. You will be lovingly encouraged to stay in your body with each foot fall. As you see your ability to do this, you will feel more encouraged to build that safety inside  your system — you can keep yourself safe!  We will encourage you to find your tools to go deeper into your pain. 

—–Do you dislike your body, or  have self-sabotaging eating and/or poor self care behaviors that keep you physically & emotionally challenged?   Do you hide your vulnerability by insulating yourself with extra pounds? 

We will offer healthy self-care tools and nutritional guidance regarding inflammation and sugar addiction. As you see your fear being transmuted, you will feel more able to begin your own walking, hiking, running, whatever physical practice you are gravitating towards, trust your wildest dreams! They are not wrong!

—–-Do you long for personal healing and wholeness?  Have you lost a connection with yourself that you can’t seem to find again?  Feeling hopeless about ever finding your authentic self? 

That’s exactly what this retreat is for!  We will help you move towards your healing, we will help you identify your own inner knowing about how to listen to it– with mindfulness, ceremony, and journaling. We are here to help you cultivate the confidence to keep diving for your truth.   

Are you ready to move into your truth and heal?  This retreat will help you break through your grief and pain, and move you onto your healing path, and empower you totally! 

If you are saying “YES” to any of these questions, this retreat is calling you to sign up now.  Here’s more…..

Are you an IFS Therapist or training to be one?  Adventure retreats are an opportunity to “grow yourself” beyond your comfort zone and break through whatever is holding you back.  They are designed to get you awake and grounded in your body so that you can take steps more actively towards your healing.  You will get an opportunity to explore and use the IFS toolbox on each retreat.  You may move from Stages 1-2 (Lost at Sea or Finding a Mooring) to 3 (Deep Diving) on the Midlife Voyage to Transformation, or you may move from Stage 3 to Stage 4 (Rebirthing) which are all moving you forward towards wholeness, healing and resilience.  You get to apply the IFS Model to more deeply heal your own trauma and brokenness.(See Blog)  This will help you be a more compassionate healer in your life and in your work.

Here’s our schedule: 

Thursday, July 22
10:00                    Arrival at The Blake   — Arriving from Albuquerque or Santa Fe airports
11:00 -12:30         Check-in and Lunch      (in meeting room or dining room
12:45                    Meet for Via Ferratta   Welcome & preparation talk  (in meeting room)
1: 00 -5:00            Via Ferratta (transportation arranged by hotel)
5:00 – 6:00           Free time for journaling – alone time to process (snacks available)
6:00  – 7:00           Dinner
7:00 –  9:00           Opening Ceremony & Sharing Circle  & Closing Meditation
9:30-  10:00          Prep for next day’s hike up to basecamp

Friday, July 23
7:00  –  8:00          Yoga & Meditation   (coffee & tea served)
8:00  –  8:30          Breakfast
9 :00 –  9:30          Prep for day  – Hiking up to basecamp
12:00   Noon        Lunch at Basecamp
12:30 -2:00          Ceremony – Who am I? Why am I here?
2:00 –  4:00          Free time to hike or rest/ personal interviews
4:00 –  5:00          Self-Compassion Tools & IFS Tools
5:00  – 6:00          Dinner
7:00   -9:00          Sharing Circle

Saturday, July 24
7:00  –  8:00          Yoga & Meditation   (coffee & tea served)
8:00  –  8:30          Breakfast
9 :00 –  9:30          Prep for day – Big Hike
10:00 –2:00          Hike with picnic lunch on the trail
Mindfulness Practice
2:00 –   4:00          Free time – Alone Time – Interviews
4:00 –   5:00          Sharing Circle
5:00 –   6:00          Dinner
7:00 – 9:00           Full Moon Ceremony with Healing meditation and Sound Yoga

Sunday, July 25
7:00  –  8:00          Yoga & Meditation   (coffee & tea served)
8:00  –  8:30          Breakfast
9 :00 –  10:45        Final Threshold Crossing Ceremony
10:45-  11:00        Prepare to walk back down the valley to the Blake Hotel
11:00 – 12:30        Arrive; goodbyes, Lunch to go

By coming to this retreat you are investing in your personal healing, 

jumpstarting your life out of your current comfort zone,

and rebirthing parts of you that you didn’t know have answers about

your future self and your future life….

This powerful retreat package includes:

–One night single room luxury hotel accommodations at the Blake Resort Hotel, at the base of Taos Ski Mountain (with additional spa services available before & after the retreat)

—Two nights luxury glamping in the enchanted high altitude woods with a full moon, cozy sheeted beds, duvet, bedside tables, lights and rugs, indoor bathroom, outdoor shower –all your gear will be shlepped up by our glamping guides and staff leaving you to carry a daypack only

—All meals organic and deliciously prepared and served for each day, along with packed lunches on outdoor adventures (special dietary needs will be addressed)  Final packed lunch to take with you on Sunday.

— 2 Amazing Yoga Classes with inspiring Yogini who will expand your embodied presence and deepen your heart space;  healing ceremonies to nourish and inspire you.

—2 Powerful Physical Outdoor Challenges to expand and grow you:
The “Via Ferratta” climbing course on the Taos Ski Mountain and a Big Hike up at our high altitude base camp

—Healing meditations and practices you will discover, experience and bring home for using in the rest of your life

—A powerful healing container of women held by Donna and Jennifer where you can drop deeper into your body and soul with ceremony and silence….

This once in a lifetime experience in nature healing yourself is still available at our reduced rate ($250 off) $2245  or $1995.  We are filling up quickly our last 4 spots, so register SOON!

To hold your spot, we need a deposit of $800 on registration.  You can pay full price if you like as well since our deadlines are getting closer.

The balance is due 45 days out or June 15, 2021.

TO REGISTER:  Click on the box below and follow the prompts to pay.  A registration form will be sent to you after you make your payment.

Your Retreat Facilitators and other teachers:

Donna Roe Daniell, MSW, LCSW, RYT

A Transformational Coach,  Outdoor Guide, Mindfulness Teacher and Grief Dula, specifically focused on guiding women in major transitions in their lives to move through their grief and loss to rebirth themselves. She has retired as a family therapist and individual trauma therapist which she has offered in her private practice for over 25 years.  Over the past 15 years she has created and implemented wellness and empowerment based group programs for women and continues to offer these.  By applying mindfulness, yoga, and personal trauma work with the Internal Family Systems Model (IFS) to her own midlife challenges, Donna has developed a toolbox and a healing path specifically for Women in Midlife, ages 35 – 75.   She continues to offer retreats and groups for women that incorporate the IFS healing toolbox and Mindfulness tools.  

She completed her own “empowerment event” by helping five young African women reach the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa in 2016.   “This amazing challenge provided the self-empowerment and lightness to my system to help me learn to love myself more, to  grieve my losses, and to move through my pain to finding a new direction in life:  Creating adventure retreats for women in midlife transitions,” she states.  

Donna will co-facilitate our outdoor experiential learning and will offer an overview of  her unique & powerful mindfulness based and IFS Trauma healing toolbox through midlife transitions called “The Midlife Voyage to Transformation.”  For more information go to:

Jennifer Johnson, RN-SANE

Jennifer is the Director of Nursing at Vista Taos Renewal Center,  a uniquely holistic inpatient addiction treatment center in Taos, New Mexico.  Here, she implements gold standard, evidence-based detox protocols as well as brain wash out periods, where appropriate, from psychotropic medications, enabling patients to grasp onto tools to change their lives without medications after the detox period.  Jennifer  has been in long term sobriety from drugs and alcohol for over a decade.  She is also a SANE nurse, or a sexual assault nurse examiner.  She provides medical treatment and forensic evidence collection in cases of rape and domestic violence. 

Jennifer’s own personal healing through IFS therapy, yoga and other holistic approaches has helped her to develop key tools that are at the core of the addiction treatment program at Vista Taos, such as mindfulness, breathwork and gratitude practices. Her deep love of food as medicine and  nutritional training, helps to guide a more healthy self-care practice and the overall cultivation of a heart-centered way of life. This approach helps patients be able to visualize their wholeness and strengths and begin to move out of their addicted patterns over time as they move back into their lives and complete trauma therapy and whatever helps them on their healing path forward.  

Jennifer is an energy healer and empath and uses these tools to facilitate her patients’ healing.  She has training in Shamanic healing and herbology, bringing deeper holistic tools to help her patients heal from body-based traumas.  Jennifer believes and teaches her clients that  healing starts with learning to be happy and healthy in our bodies through connection with the earth and themselves in nature.  

Beginning in 2021 she will begin offering Wilderness Transformation retreats! These are  retreats designed to help clients move through fear and blockages so that they can truly live their best lives now! She believes in the innate ability of each and every one of us to heal this planet and ourselves. The key is willingness– are you ready? 

Our Yoga Teacher: Kari Malen

Kari Malen, RYT 500, is a self-described forever student of yoga. Her favorite lesson – to live more mindfully and present on and off the mat. Helping students find freedom in their bodies and minds, Kari came to teach because of the misconceptions about yoga and wants to make the practice available to all body types, experience levels, and nay-sayers. 

Her teaching style is a blend of Iyengar, Anusara, Vinyasa Flow, and Myofascial Release with a splash of philosophy, a pinch of anatomy, and a whole lot of  self-love. Kari teaches yoga in and around Taos, NM as well as on-line. 


You can register now for this by following this registration process. Your initial deposit is $800 to hold your spot. Full price is $1995 per person.  Please register asap to insure a spot.  A Registration Form will be sent to you to  as soon as you send us your deposit outlining the next steps and getting more information about you and why you are taking this amazing opportunity for yourself.

We’re so thrilled you are coming with us!!
You are taking the first step towards your personal healing and a New You!

Please refer any questions to Donna or Jennifer at 303 682-5220 or email by clicking the button below: