Mindfulness in Nature Retreat for Women in Midlife




at the


Rocky Mt. EcoDharma Center in Jamestown, CO


October 25-29, 2022   5 days/4 nights




Healing Yourself: Healing the World (an in-person retreat)


$999 Single/$899 Early Bird till May 31st


A Self-Compassionate Healing Path through Grief


Transitions and change can ripen our hearts to new yearnings and experiences, awaken the opportunity to heal old pain, and open our doorway to calls to service.  As women in the current world, we have feminine gifts that need to be unleashed and this retreat can help you find your deepest wisdom and learn how  to take it forward into your life.   But first we must learn how to heal all the sorrows and traumas blocking our vision.


In this retreat you will learn mindfulness tools to help you see more clearly, to slow down and experience your deep embodied presence.   You will learn how to build a self-compassion container that will hold your grief and pain.  Learn how to see the complexity of how trauma and grief  show up in your body, and how to  navigate the path into your grief to fully process your traumas of the present and past. In the process, you will learn how to nurture yourself better,  and learn how to feel and free your own wisdom as a woman today.


This retreat is for women looking for an opportunity to deepen their relationships with themselves and to learn tools to stabilize and heal them through major changes or shifts happening in their lives.



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Registration is open for this retreat starting January 1st. Registration is on my website this year – CLICK HERE


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A daylong experiential workshop with singing


With Donna Roe Daniell, LCSW, RYT 
And Susan Bockoff, MA, MT-BC


Saturday, August 5th


9 AM -2 PM   Boulder            CUCC – 2650 Table Mesa Drive
Boulder, CO  80303


 Saturday, September 9th


9AM – 3 PM    Hygiene           Willow Farm Contemplative Ctr                                                 11898 St. Longmont 80503


Grief is a complex process with many feelings that continues over many years. Join us as we find our fierce courage and self-compassion, through deep listening.  As our hearts soften, we will  develop a deeper connection with ourselves and our grief.   In this workshop, we will use mindfulness practices, singing, music listening, song discussion, and songwriting to help us experience and process our grief, and move us into a more expanded view of  ourselves. You will learn how to move forward on your “Hero’s Journey,” with tools and a sense of community support. 






Self-Compassion Practice Circle (In-Person)
Saturday, April 15th  10-3  pm MDT


This is a follow up practice day for all participants of Mini-Retreat Mar.30/Apr 1,   AND all new members who want to join to experience Mindful Self-Compassion Practices in a group setting.














A Day of Mindfulness in Nature –  Saturday, May 6,  2022  


9 AM – 5 PM Estes Park Location


Join me for a day of guided mindfulness practices together.  We will be nestled in a beautiful outdoor setting where we will enjoy silence and connection together practicing as a group.   Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Practices can transform our most vulnerable moments that we fear will drown us into moments that spiral us forward into self-worth and resiliency.


Mindfulness works by interrupting our conditioned cycle of thoughts, emotions, sensations and behavior that mire us downward.  With self-compassion practices,  we can learn to “switch the channel” in these moments by choosing to bring in self-care, kindness and comfort to ourselves.  Nature practice, or practicing in nature with eyes open, helps us also to switch the channel and tune in more to our senses where so much of the present moment can come alive for us.  All of these practices help us grow our brains to create more healthier pathways for responding to our daily life events and our feelings related to them.  Join me for a beautiful calming and restoring experience away from the intensity of our daily lives and learn tools to bring that calm back into your life with these practices.


This day is open to beginners as well as seasoned meditators.   When you register you will receive directions and guidelines for the day. Plan on carpooling and arriving early.  Bring your own lunch, water bottle, chair or cushion for sitting outside, warm layers, sun hat and raincoat, shoes or boots for walking on uneven ground,  a pen and a journal (optional).  We will have covered areas for you to get protection from the elements if need be.


TOTAL COST:   $45.00                REGISTER HERE