All participants will be required to come vaccinated and to show proof of vaccinations.  We hopefully can do this in advance.  In addition, I will be asking all participants to get a Covid/Delta Variant Test 72 hours prior to arrival with a negative result.  Hopefully, this will prevent us from having to wear masks, but of course you are free to do what feels most safe to you.  The goal is for everyone to feel able to connect and share deeply with each other.  We will offer refunds if we cancel the retreat or if you contract Covid-19 after paying in full and cannot attend.  Please contact me if you have more questions about this policy.  (

Mindfulness in Nature Retreats for 2021:

Women’s Mindfulness Retreats

at the

Rocky Mt. EcoDharma Center in Jamestown, CO

For 2021:  October 28-31   Thursday-Sunday

Healing Yourself: Healing the World – A Self-Compassionate Path through Grief

For those of you who attended one of the retreats in the last two years,  this 2021 retreat is an opportunity to go deeper into your personal healing.  Explore and practice the tools of self-compassion, mindfulness, and this year deep-diving through IFS or the Internal Family Systems roadmap and trauma healing system.  Coming back each year, or attending a new retreat, is the sure way to reinforce your learnings, and support other women as we all grow together, listening to our voices and witnessing our pain and our goodness.  We will focus more on how to feel your feelings safely and self-compassionately as well as just learning to listen more to what is inside.  There will be an opportunity as well to explore and discover ways we can move into the world for service with a more solid footing as we stay grounded in our inner work.  Explore silence and small group processing; nature practice and deep healing together.  

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Women in the Sacred Valley of Peru June 3 – 13, 2022

New Dates & Pricing for 2022 –  June 3 -13 with add-on 6/14

Reserve your spot now by starting the Registration process, click here. Space is limited so if you are interested, do not hesitate. More information and itinerary on Registration Page.


Adventure in Nature Retreats for 2021:

Adventure retreats are an opportunity to “grow yourself” beyond your comfort zone and breakthrough whatever is holding you back.  They are designed to get you awake and grounded in your body so that you can take steps more actively towards your healing.  You will get an opportunity to explore the IFS toolbox on each retreat.  You may move from Stages 1-2 (Lost at Sea or Finding a Mooring) to 3 (Deep Diving) on the Midlife Voyage to Transformation, or you may move from Stage 3 to Stage 4 (Rebirthing) which are all moving you forward towards wholeness, healing, and resilience.  Then you can continue your journey with online learning or another retreat.

Rebirthing in Nature in Taos – July 22-25, 2021

Reserve your spot now by starting the Registration process click here.  Space is limited so if you are interested, do not hesitate.