Women’s Retreats

“Listening to your Voice”

Wherever you are in your life, listening for your voice is essential to your path in the world and to your healing. Sometimes we get lost and forget how to listen.

My Women’s Mindfulness Retreat is about “Listening for Your Voice.”  It is for women in midlife who are looking for tools for self-care, grief work, and self-compassion; or just an opportunity to slow down and feel the support of other women. We will explore mindfulness practices, walking, moving and sitting to drop deeper into our feminine voices and power. Whether you have a mindfulness practice or are curious to explore these tools more deeply, we will create a deeper circle of care and deep listening together.

For those of you who attended one of the retreats in the last two years,  I want you to find additional tools to continue your practices of self-compassion and mindfulness.   Coming back each year, or attending a new retreat, is the sure way to reinforce your learnings and support other women as we all grow together.   Due to COVID19 our retreats  at the EcoDharma Retreat Center are on hold, but we look forward to letting you know when the next retreat is scheduled. Please send me an email at donnalcsw@gmail.com and I will let you know when the next residential retreat happens.  In the meantime…..keep your practice going and learn more about practicing in silence at these two events:   REGISTER BY CLICKING ON THE BOXES BELOW

Check out our two upcoming outdoor events

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