Mindfulness in Nature Retreats for 2021:

Women’s Mindfulness Retreats

at the

Rocky Mt. EcoDharma Center in Jamestown, CO

For 2021:  October 28-31   Thursday-Sunday


Healing Yourself: Healing the World – A Self-Compassionate Path through Grief

For those of you who attended one of the retreats in the last two years,  this 2021 retreat is an opportunity to go deeper into your personal healing.  Explore and practice the tools of self-compassion, mindfulness, and this year deep-diving through IFS or the Internal Family Systems roadmap and trauma healing system.  Coming back each year, or attending a new retreat, is the sure way to reinforce your learnings, and support other women as we all grow together, listening to our voices and witnessing our pain.  We will focus more on how to grieve safely and self-compassionately.  We will explore and discover ways we can move into the world for service with a more solid footing when we have done our inner work.

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A Day of Mindfulness

Saturday, July 17th   Lyons, Colorado

A Day of Mindfulness:  Switch the Channel to Healing Nature Practice

  Guided nature practice, walking and sitting meditation, and self-compassion practices will be offered.  Sensory awareness practices are so helpful to bring in nurturance and healing, especially after this year of Covid-19 and the isolation we are all feeling.  Let nature wake you up to yourself again–find your way back to home.  For seasoned meditators or for beginners, this day will bring an opportunity to find support and connection with your practice.  All will be done in silence, with guidance about practicing in silence.  Open to men and women.

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Adventure in Nature Retreats for 2021:

Adventure retreats are an opportunity to “grow yourself” beyond your comfort zone and breakthrough whatever is holding you back.  They are designed to get you awake and grounded in your body so that you can take steps more actively towards your healing.  You will get an opportunity to explore the IFS toolbox on each retreat.  You may move from Stages 1-2 (Lost at Sea or Finding a Mooring) to 3 (Deep Diving) on the Midlife Voyage to Transformation, or you may move from Stage 3 to Stage 4 (Rebirthing) which are all moving you forward towards wholeness, healing, and resilience.  Then you can continue your journey with online learning or another retreat.

Women in the Sacred Valley of Peru

June 2022 – Tentative (Rescheduled due to Covid-19)

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Rebirthing in Nature in Taos – July 22-25, 2021

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