MARCH 4, 2022               ON- LINE WORKSHOP   


“Navigating Midlife Challenges using the 5-Step “Midlife Voyage to Transformation”

How to use IFS and Self-Compassion Tools to move you from being LOST AT SEA to a NEW YOU – a transformed and more resilient woman

A three hour experiential on-line workshop for the IFS Community

Friday, March 4th  2022
Presenter:  Donna Roe Daniell, LCSW

Here’s what you can expect to learn & explore in this workshop —

PART ONE:  Where am I on the Midlife Voyage—the healing path through divorce, death, loss of a loved one, menopause, caretaking, career shifts or ends– that guides you to wholeness.

You will learn about the five stages of this healing voyage through major midlife challenges and how to turn them into transitions you can manage.  You will learn the primary feelings and behaviors associated with each of them and the tools you can use to move yourself forward along this healing path and get unstuck.

These stages are:  Stage 1) Lost at Sea, 2) Finding A Mooring 3) Diving into the Deep, 4) Rebirthing, 4) The New You

We will do an assessment to help you determine which stage you are currently in.

PART TWO:  Navigating from Stage 2: Finding A Mooring

In this section we will jump right into the tools of the second stage: Mindful Self-Compassion and how it eases your pain and allows you to feel grounded again and able to name and tame your feelings.  We will do Self-Compassion Practices together and experience their power in calming and bringing in self-forgiveness, self-love and self-trust.  You will get to experience your Compassionate Self.  You will learn why the tools of Stage 2 are crucial to moving forward from any stage you are in on the Midlife Voyage.

Learning Objective of Part II:  Identify and feel somatically the Compassionate Self and how to hold yourself with more self-compassion so that the pain/discomfort you are experiencing can come forward as parts.

PART THREE:    Diving Deeper in Stage 3: Demo and Dyad work

Using IFS with a partner, we will explore with each other how to deepen your connection to these parts appearing and release burdens, allowing grieving through our deepest compassionate connection with them.  Worksheets will be provided.

Learning Objective of Part III:  Working with dyads  provides the one-on-one support to help the experiential IFS practice of witnessing and building a relationship with hurting parts identified in Part II.   Guiding each other with compassion and self-compassion allows the resistance to grieving to be noticed and moved through so that possibly burdens can be released and the pain allowed to flow into system where it can transmute with the deep connection from your Compassionate Self and your partner holding Self as well.

PART FOUR:  Explore the Rebirthing Stage 4 – Plus, an opportunity to get a peek at the New You. Learn how rebirthing follows deep grieving and always brings more parts forward.

Using a visioning process, we will identify and befriend the parts that will rebirth you.  These are the parts that are longing to come forward to be met and heard more fully in your life now.  We will draw a new Parts Map that reflects these parts.  This will be done individually first, and then you can share with a partner afterwards.

Learning Objective of Part IV:  Through experiencing a bit of rebirthing, and seeing how new parts appear and brighten your life with new energy and excitement, the power of IFS to transmute grief  into a new wholeness is demonstrated and felt.

PART FIVE:   Closing/ Questions/ Evaluations

COST:    $45.00        Early Bird  $30  by February 1st


ONLINE WORKSHOP: Navigating Midlife Challenges using the 5-Step “Midlife Voyage to Transformation”

TESTIMONIALS: (This workshop was presented in October 2019 at the IFS International Conference in Denver, CO)

Here’s what women participants have said about this workshop:

“It was surprised how the last part, the Rebirthing, brought up so much for me.  I had not had a chance to pay attention to a part of me in a deeper way before today. I also had not realized how much I had been resisting going into my pain.”   –Susan

“The workshop was really impactful and I felt in touch with myself in a deeper way.It’s rare I allow myself the luxury of thinking about what I would do if I were free to choose.  It was very nice.”   — Allison

“This information and experience of grieving is very relevant and not talked about enough.  Donna did a great job of making it approachable, ACCEPTABLE, and even celebrated while leading me through the process.”   –Pam

Women's Coaching Programs Boulder, CO

Donna has spent the past 29 years as a family therapist and  transformational coach for women in midlife transitions in the Boulder/Longmont area.  She has developed groups and nature-based retreats for women to transform and build resilience from life’s major challenges using a mindfulness toolbox with active outdoor experiences like hiking and river rafting.   She is also a certified IFS (Internal Family Systems) Therapist and has been a somatic trauma therapist for the past 19 years.  A trained Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher for 12 years, she is a teacher of the Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) program developed by Kristin Neff and Chris Germer and the Center for Mindfulness in San Diego.

As an environmental activist working for climate change for the past 12 years,  she has combined her deep love affair with the natural world with her Insight meditation practice to lead her to ecodharma work — or finding her path of service working actively to heal the earth.  Primarily through ritual and grief work in nature, she believes we find our path of heart and service. She has been teaching a fall woman’s mindfulness retreat at the Rocky Mountain EcoDharma Retreat Center for the past 3 years.   She is also a licensed yoga teacher and teaches yoga at her women’s retreats.

In 2021 she published her memoir about her own midlife, “A Midlife Voyage to Transformation,” which demonstrates how she used the tools of this workshop to heal her major challenges.  It can be purchased on her website or from other booksellers.