My Coaching Package – 6 months

This customized package is set up to deliver results for you in your life now as you move through your midlife transition, based on working with many women just like you.

  • First 2 months: Weekly 60 minute sessions
  • Last 4 months: Bi-weekly 90 minute sessions
  • Free Assessment and goal setting session
  • Customized Mp3 Practice Recordings
  • Customized Homework assignments
  • Follow up Email support

Initial investment $1400 up front (first 2 months) Monthly:  $420 through the final month (signed contract is required with initial payment)



“The Midlife Voyage to Transformation”

2 60 minute sessions or 1 2hr long session for the purposes of determining the following:

  • Results from your on–line assessment
  • What are your key pain points and symptoms?
  • What stage of your transition are you in and what have you been doing so far? Has it helped?
  • Are you in more than one transition?
  • Previous history of treatment/therapy of symptoms in past and outcomes.
  • Why now? Goal setting to determine how this coaching can meet your needs now.
  • Is there a good connection between us?
  • What goals are possible to accomplish for a 4 or 6 month coaching contract? Which is best?

To get started: Call 303 682-5220.


My Coaching Package – 4 months

This four-month package supports someone scoring 30-80 on the Assessment but is not needing as much support initially. Bi-monthly 60-minute sessions start the package and continue as we develop our important partnership to accomplish your goals. This package will take you from Stage 1 to Stage 2 on the Midlife Voyage, or from Stage 3- 4.

I recommend that a GROUP or RETREAT is added to this package to increase support and success to meet your goals.

  • Eight 60 minute sessions scheduled bi-monthly or Eight 75 minute sessions scheduled bi-monthly
  • Mp3 Mindfulness Practices to use at home
  • Homework assignments and journaling
  • Free Assessment and goal setting session