Self-Compassion Practice Circle – Hygiene, CO (in person and online)


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Self-Compassion Practice Circle (Hybrid)…  “Close your eyes, Fall in love, Stay there!”  Rumi

In this daylong mindfulness retreat, you can experience falling in love with yourself more deeply by practicing mindful self-compassion practices.   We hold a vast goodness inside of us, but we often give this out to others and forget to hold it closely for ourselves.  Self-Compassion is the practice of caring for yourself when you are suffering or in pain.  When we are dealing with difficult situations in our lives, bringing in care through soothing touch or acts of kindness is much more productive and calming than self-critical or self-blaming practices, yet our culture conditions us to speed up and push ourselves rather than slow down and support ourselves gently.  Spending time in silence to explore these practices can allow deep healing and relief from moment to moment struggles.  In time, with regular use, these practices can bring self-love and self-appreciation that allows you to stay more deeply connected to yourself through difficult times and bring in care that allows you to heal faster.

4/15/2023: Saturday 9am – 3pm  Willow Farm Contemplative Center, Hygiene, CO and online

After registering, and 2 weeks before, you will receive directions for the day and zoom link if attending online.

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