July 11-15, 2018  (5 Days/  4 Nights), Eagle, CO

Are you struggling with changes in your life? Looking for powerful skills to manage your transitions? Ready to get off the emotional rollercoaster and empower yourself? If so, this retreat is for you!! This retreat will help you shift fear to courage and discover a more powerful YOU! You’ll learn potent techniques for navigating your life’s transitions and for tapping into Nature’s – and your own – strength and wisdom. When was the last time you followed your whim and actually climbed a tree? Our artfully guided adventure starts with reconnecting and rejuvenating by learning to be with the natural world in a way that soothes, informs, and empowers. Hike through fragrant pine and juniper forests, and reach new heights in your self-awareness. Learn to echo nature’s deep stillness in your own body. On the stunning Colorado river, you’ll paddle your personal inflatable kayak through tall canyons and lush mountain valleys. You’ll hear the river’s whispers and embody its wisdom for navigating your personal river of life. No previous river experience is needed for you to fully receive these river insights. Through the “Midlife Voyage to Transformation”, a powerful 5 step roadmap for navigating transitions, you’ll realize where you are, how to move forward and how expand into a greater sense of possibility. Using deep nature connection, you’ll practice simple, yet powerful techniques to hush anxiety and replace it with abundant energy and strength. Home base is an outdoor retreat sanctuary tucked into a quiet valley near Vail, CO, where you can relax and let your body attune to nature’s rhythms. Awaken each morning to trilling songbirds and ease softly into the day with optional yoga and quiet communing with the land. At night you’ll fall asleep in a tipi to the whimsical lullaby of a bubbling creek dancing under a canopy of stars. You’ll feast on hearty meals, enhanced by the fresh air and the connection felt when women gather with shared adventure and intention. Learning circles take place in a sacred stone circle next to the creek, while nightly campfires ignite your creativity for expanding your personal vision. Are you tired of feeling like a pin-ball being bounced from one transition to the next with no real control? Learn to feel and acknowledge your feelings, and shift perspective so that you govern your emotions instead of them controlling you, an important first step to successfully navigating any transition. Do you want to learn how to be in flow with your life? On the river you’ll embody the physical feeling of going from resistance to flow, anchoring this wisdom deeply within. This is only one of the many offerings from the river to your soul that we’ll experience fully during our day on the Colorado River. No previous river experience is required. Would you like to be able to embrace transition with a sense of excitement and adventure? You’ll learn to master your Fears which will give you space to bring forth courage and see your transitions as opportunities to grow and evolve. Do you crave deep inner stillness and desire to respond to life from that centered place? Deep grounding. Listening in and to nature. Feeling your heart beat with the pulse of the earth. These are all ways to STOP the monkey-mind, become present, mindful to the moment so that you can tap into your own wisdom and address the world from that place of strength. Retreat Includes

  • 5 days/4 nights at a private tipi retreat near Vail, CO with professional coaches/guides
  • Re-Source, Reconnect & Rejuvenate in nature
  • Learn a powerful model for moving Fear over and embracing Transition with Donna Daniell
  • Full-day Colorado River Adventure: Navigating Your River of Life; professionally guided by Timberline Tours and led by Susie Kincade
  • Group circles, sharing, and ceremonies to integrate new wisdom
  • 3 yoga-by-the-creek sessions
  • Hearty, nutritious meals prepared lovingly by a certified nutritionist
  • All activities, guided excursions, group coaching, including one pre- and one post-retreat virtual group coaching session.

What’s not included:

  • Transportation to and from Eloheh Retreat, Eagle, CO
  • Snacks or dietary extras
  • Sleeping bag, pad, pillow (can be rented for additional fee of $10/night)
  • Personal items

Meet  Donna Roe Daniell, of Balance Your Life Coaching and Psychotherapy, will offer  specific tools to help you develop a body-based or somatic awareness of how your feelings show up in your body and how to meet them.  A group facilitator, outdoor adventurer and Coach for over 20 years, she knows what it’s like to be in the darkness and struggle, and will facilitate our learning as women to be in our fullest selves.  Donna will offer an overview of  her transformational path and toolbox  through midlife transitions called “The Midlife Voyage to Transformation” so you can learn where you are on your transition path and the next steps for you to take.  For more information go to Meet Susie Kincade: Nature based Coach and Outdoorswoman & Ceremonialist.  She knows all about the powerful learning that can happen on the River.  Spend a guided day with us  in your personal  duckie (inflatable kayak)  or raft on the Colorado River and learn to navigate through some of your personal challenges  and fears. Find a new empowered you on the river!  Susie will be facilitating the day on the Colorado River as well as the ceremonies and fire circles on the Ranch.  She will co-lead with Donna the entire retreat. Visit Susie’s website RETREAT COSTS:

Your Investment to yourself:  $1,499

Christmas Discount ($300 off)       $1,199


Eloheh Ranch Retreat Center Address: 2000 Eby Creek Rd. Eagle, Colorado Directions: Interstate 70 to exit 147, then 10 minutes north on Eby Creek Rd.




    Wednesday, July 11
    Until 11:30am – Arrive, set up your camp, and explore Eloheh Ranch
    11:30 – Lunch
    12:30 – Opening Circle, Intentions, Deep nature connection, Transition Journey
    2:30 – Break, Sit Spot; Wander and Wonder
    4:00 – Guided Hike
    6:30 – Dinner
    8:00 – Sharing Circle

    Thurs, July 12
    7:30 – Yoga & Meditation (optional)
    8:00 – 8:30 – Breakfast & pack your lunch
    8:30 – 9:30 – Carpool to Climbing area at Camp Hale
    10:00 – 1:00 – Rock Climbing Adventure. Explore Courage, Trust, Resilience
    2:00 – Arrive Eloheh: Sit Spot, Rest, creek play
    3:30 – 6:00 – Concentric Circles: Emotional discernment and the power of Choice
    6:30 – Dinner
    7:30 – Sharing Circle

    Friday, July 13
    8:00 – Breakfast & pack your lunch
    9:00 – 4:00 – “Navigating Your River of Life”. A day of adventure, water connection and personal growth on the Colorado River
    4:00 – Rest, Sit Spot, journal
    6:00 – Dinner
    7:00 – Sharing Circle

    Saturday, July 14
    8:00 – Yoga & Meditation (optional)
    9:00 – Breakfast
    10-12:15 – Shifting Fear to Courage – Activities
    12:15 – Break
    12:30 – Lunch
    1:30 – Lifetime Skills for Courage and Resilience
    2:30 – 4:00 – Free time and ceremony preparation
    4:00 – Ceremony
    7:00 – Dinner

    Sunday, July 15
    8:00 – Yoga & Meditation
    9:00 – Breakfast
    10:00 – Pack up camp
    10:30 – Closing Circle
    12:00 – Farewells and Departure