I don’t know about you, but setting GOALS makes me feel like I’ve never done enough, that I somehow can’t quite measure up because my goals keep making me look into the future and strive harder.  I don’t need to strive harder!!!  That just freezes me up and makes me feel frustrated.  I need to feel good and “On Point” in the present moment and able to take action.  What about you?

That’s why at this time, the first of a new year, it’s a good idea to learn how to use INTENTIONS rather than just setting GOALS.  Many people share this perspective.  I am going to share Maria Tabaka’s ideas about Intentions because she says it really well….

1) INTENTIONS are expansive:

Intentions aren’t to be confused with goals: They are about who you want to be, what you wish to contribute to the world, and how you choose to touch the lives of others. 

Example: I intend to show acts of kindness today, opening myself to any possibility to bring joy into the life of another.

Or, I intend to be kind to myself when I am frustrated or stressed about something. (My example)

2) INTENTIONS get you out of your head –  and into action:

A major life transiton for women includes menopause and health issues.

Voicing intentions will take your mind off of your problems and perceived limitations. Instead, it will place your focus on something that will have a positive impact on your life. Clearly stating how you intend to feel today instead of wishing that you felt better puts the power of change in your own hands. 

Example: Expansive: I intend to live in gratitude for all that I have and all that I am. Daily: Each morning I will name something I am grateful for, feel the joy and love fill my heart, and allow positive energy to fill my body.

3) INTENTIONS can make you more effective:

While you can set an intention to be productive, you’ll find more power in stating an intention to open your mind and heart to the thinking that will result in higher productivity and other desirable states. 

Example: I intend for my mind to be receptive to clarity, inspiration, and any information that will guide me toward my goals.  Daily Intention:  Take a moment each morning as I start work to feel inspiration coming in.  

Daily Intentions:  Daily follow from Expansive Ones:   When setting daily INTENTIONS for 2020, do it with precision.  Only choose what you want to change first, right now, that will give you the momentum to go to the next step.  Keep it simple!  Then, put it in your daily calendar and start the day with that INTENTION.  When you get that shift that you are looking for, add a second INTENTION.  You will learn quickly how easily INTENTIONS can create the change you are looking for now.