If you have a spiritual practice, and/or pray, now is the time to use it deeply and regularly.  When we stop, sit, go inside and listen deeply we can hear the silence that calms us and brings us peace.  Whatever you believe in, now is the time to let it guide you to settling and calming yourself.  Here’s the thing:  This is what troubled times teach us —there’s something greater than us and our challenges and when we touch into it, we can see our place and the order and life’s purpose better. We are part of a deeply connected web of life and when we see that we can trust that goodness is still there and we can steady ourselves and bring ourselves back into focus.  By slowing  down our lives to feel it,  to feel all of the feelings and sensations within us, we can get more clarity to know how to go forward.  This is the grief journey and we all are on it daily.  Let it guide you — don’t be afraid of where we are.  I teach women how to go into our fear and let it show us what’s really there inside of us.  It’s our human destiny if we are to evolve and grow.

Spiritual practices bring us to seeing the meaning of who we are and how we fit into the love of the universe that is reflected back to us in nature and the beauty of our planet.

Today we are facing many challenges in our families, in our hearts, in our Country and our world.  It’s a lot to take in.  What if you don’t have to right now?  Just take in what you can within yourself.  Let your spiritual practice guide you to being with what is within you that is most pressing and feel that first.  Stay there.

Now, we all want to do our part and be good citizens and good people deep down inside.  So, tomorrow, or three hours from now, take a step outward and see what you might be able to do for the greater good in those outer circles of friends, your community, your world.  For me, it’s writing this. It’s talking to my friends and neighbors about standing firm.  It’s teaching meditation and self-compassion practices to beginners, it’s taking people into nature to hike, it’s showing love and growing love inside myself and out with ways I am connecting to others.

The other most important outward act you need to do, if you are an American citizen, is to exercise your right to vote.  We live in a democracy and we must fight to keep it that way so you must vote like your life depends upon it, because it truly does.  You can check out www.iwillvote.com  for instructions and support to get your vote counted.