If you’d like to journey into the collective wisdom of the ancient and modern people of Peru with an incredible group of like-minded women, this is your opportunity.  

We have all witnessed major change and turmoil over the past two years. As I have been looking for ways to help others with these changes, I often look to my own travel experiences that have expanded my perspective. My previous trips to Africa and Nepal have helped me to gather my courage and skills to come closer to the edge of my own discomfort and joy. Each time I have traveled it has been with the intention of finding ways to bridge differences and learn more about how other people experience their lives. This style of travel has helped me grow tremendously and learn how to be more compassionate with myself and those around me.

If you’re looking for a group travel experience with women that similarly awakens your senses, expands your compassion and shifts you from being a tourist to an inspired traveler, consider joining us in Peru. Join me as a mindfulness guide and facilitator along with the skilled guides of Where There Be Dragons, for 11 days as Women in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

We will explore the culture, visit thriving markets, immerse ourselves in the local communities and develop meaningful connections with the people we meet. We will travel amongst locals meeting community leaders and citizens and artists. We will tread lightly old Incan trails to deepen the experience with our bodies and souls. And we will explore the ancient remnants of a past civilization that still runs deep in the culture of this land.

Why Travel with a Group?

Being with a group has also been a key factor in the impact of my travel experiences. Being with others allows for reflection, sharing of the experiences, resonance to our inner wisdom, and connection. But there’s more to the impact of being with a group—it’s the opportunity to witness myself and others deeply. In this witnessing I have learned we can grow in our capacity for holding others – what I call a compassionate container.  

Witnessing means sensing without judgment. It’s empathetically being open to whatever arises and responding compassionately in a way that creates deeper mutual exchange.  

When I am held by others and witnessed in this way, I feel whole and healed, even if I’m not. I feel ok just the way I am at that moment. Imagine how this kind of deep witnessing can bring more healing and growth to you!



This trip is intended to help you tap into your greater self and build your compassion through connection to a different culture and different peoples.

If this resonates, we would love to hear from you! Please reach out for more information or to start your registration process:  https://www.wheretherebedragons.com/program/women-sacred-valley-peru-travel/