Have you traveled away from home during this Covid period?  Have you been beyond the borders of the US?  I just returned from a trip to Chile and Argentina and I can tell you it was very empowering to get outside of the US Covid fear, anxiety and paranoia, and be in a new environment of wonder and beauty.  I was not as fearful because I was in a group with a guide and I had prepared well for the physical exertion. I have been very fearful on big trips like this in the past since I’m in my 60’s and aging.  But, I’ve made progress and it showed this time.  Because this time I was able to ignite my fearlessness –  to let go of all the worries of what might or could happen and just jump into adventure.  What I’ve learned is how empowered I feel after taking this plunge and moving past my fears to travel farther and take on more challenges in my life —even as I reach my 7th decade!  

What kinds of activities have you chosen to do to breakthrough your fears during this Covid period?  Do you know what kinds of fears stop you?

It really doesn’t matter how far away from home you venture.  You can just jump on a train or your car and explore something new.  You can take a longer more exciting hike or bike ride that pushes your comfort zone.  What matters is if you face your fears and move them over so that you can follow your longing to go on an adventure that pushes you a bit.  You can choose to find the right experience to empower you and create an expansion experience in your life. 

 What are the benefits?  In my experience, traveling beyond what is familiar to you opens you up –fills your soul with the fullness of adventure and beauty. Imagine deep diving into a beautiful and inspiring landscape, physically embracing the intensity of your body’s ability to actively take it all in, and awakening your heart to deep witnessing of others including yourself.  This alchemy jolts you into a new perspective beyond your “covid funk” and brings your true life back into focus –what really matters?  What do I really care about?  How do I  want to live each moment?  Who do I want to touch, embrace, savor and bring back?  A new perspective is what we all need to see our lives and our choices more clearly.  Then we have to take action— which follows from the energy of opening ourselves up in this way.  

On my “Midlife Voyage to Transformation,” my 5-Step healing path for women in midlife transitions, facing your fear is important at each step of the voyage.  But, the step where it’s most important is Stage 3: Deep Diving.  This stage is the one we are all most afraid of—facing directly with curiosity and caring the parts of us that are in pain.  This step is about learning to grieve our losses and allowing ourselves to feel our sadness and sorrow.  These hurting parts keep us doing the avoidance dance in whatever way that develops for us—caretaking others, addictions and poor self-care, workaholism, boredom, staying busy, etc. But, when we slow down enough to settle in Stage 2: Finding a Mooring, and learn how to be still in the present moment and feel what we are feeling, slowly; we can see that there’s lots of fear present and also the ability to face it.  Mindfulness can help us see our strong self and our less strong or fearful parts and so can expansion experiences.  They go hand in hand.  

I’ve written a lot about fear and how it appears in your body.  When you can notice how the fear shows up as sensations in your body( ie, tingling, penetrating heat in our stomachs, energizing sensations) takes the fear down to a manageable new level—one we can feel more separate from and can begin to communicate with.  Try this right now:  Feel the fear you have right now about stepping out more in your life. Notice where the sensations are in your body and name it as “fear”.  Just notice what happens when you mindfully stop and face this fear as separate from you.  You are not your fear. When we decide to take ourselves out of our comfort zone, we are creating new neural pathways that take us beyond our fearful ones. 


When we jump into group travel experiences, ie, traveling with a specific group that has a facilitator, guide or leader, we have the opportunity to get support and guidance when we need it, when we are fearful, and when we are comfortable.  Both states allow us to see ourselves more fully and learn what kinds of experiences are growth-producing and which kinds are fear-producing.  Where we are skilled, strong and calm; where we are challenged.  All of this builds self-awareness, strength and confidence, and you are then on the path to healing; ie, creating a more resilient, courageous and integrated self.

That’s why I’m offering guided travel experiences with mindful moments to check-in, facilitating your process with the deep diving care that you desire.  Are you ready to join me?  Fearless and ready to ignite the new you? My trip in June to The Sacred Valley of Peru is available to 4 more women.  Will you join us?