All Webinar Pass




This pass allows you to attend all of the webinar courses listed below:

Here’s the dates:
Alternating Thursdays & Wednesdays from 11-12 MDT


EVENT #1:  Thursday, January 28, 11-12 pm
What is Trauma? How trauma impacts your life and your body

You will learn:

How trauma shows up in your  body and your behaviors.
How to you stop triggering (or reactions) from continuing to ravage your body when they come up.
How trauma therapy works to heal you.

EVENT #2:  Wednesday, February 3, 11-12 pm 
How mindfulness, self-compassion, yoga and body-based practices help trauma healing

You will learn: 

How sensations in your body lead you to deeper trauma capsules to be released internally.
Learning to be curious allows trauma release.
Learning to read your body’s clues.
Learn a practice that can be a portal to your inner trauma.

EVENT #3:  Thursday, February 11, 11-12pm 
Nature-based healing of trauma and how it works

You will learn: 

The science of nature-based healing.
How to bring in lightness and expansion and savoring in nature.
How emotional blocks are more easily  released in physical activities in natural settings.
Mindfulness practices to do in nature.

EVENT #4:  Wednesday, February 17, 11-12pm
Shifting negative patterns to positive ones

You will learn: 

The power of taking in the positive.
How naming the pattern is the first step in healing it.
The power of self-compassion in creating change.
Practices to help you begin.

EVENT #5:  Thursday, February 25, 11-12 pm
Working with fear and anxiety coming from past trauma

You will learn:  

Tools for working with fear and anxiety mindfully.
Fear blocks your natural compassion and generosity.
How to befriend your anxiety to jump start your healing process.
A practice that can guide you inward and calm you at the same time.


Cost: $15 per class/ $50 for all five