Grief as a Hero’s Journey – An experiential daylong workshop with singing




A daylong experiential workshop with singing

With Donna Roe Daniell, LCSW, RYT

And Susan Bockoff, MA, MT-BC

Saturday, August 5th

9 AM -2 PM   Boulder            CUCC – 2650 Table Mesa Drive
Boulder, CO  80303


Saturday, September 9th

9AM – 3 PM    Hygiene           Willow Farm Contemplative Ctr                                                 11898 St. Longmont 80503

Grief is a complex process with many feelings that continues over many years. Join us as we find our fierce courage and self-compassion, through deep listening.  As our hearts soften, we will  develop a deeper connection with ourselves and our grief.   In this workshop, we will use mindfulness practices, singing, music listening, song discussion, and songwriting to help us experience and process our grief, and move us into a more expanded view of  ourselves. You will learn how to move forward on your “Hero’s Journey,” with tools and a sense of community support.  

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About Susan

Susan Bockhoff, MA, MT-BC, is the founder and owner of Kiva Music Therapy in Longmont, Colorado, where she leads group and individual music therapy sessions in and around Boulder County. She attended Oberlin College and studied voice and music there.  She also holds a Master’s Degree in Sociology from the University of Denver.  After a long career in Information Technology, both she and her husband battled cancer and she became involved with the cancer community, volunteering at a hospital and singing to cancer patients receiving treatment.  When she found out how much her singing helped them, she returned to the University of Colorado and received a degree in music, specializing in Music Therapy.  She received her Board Certification in Music Therapy  in 2020.  During the pandemic she lost her husband to cancer, and she used her music therapy tools on herself to process her grief.  She also studied with grief counselor and author, David Kessler.  Susan brings these experiences along with her Music Therapy training to help facilitate this workshop.

About Donna  

Donna is a transformational coach, meditation teacher and trauma specialist.  She has practiced in the Boulder Longmont area for the past 30 years as a Family Therapist, Meditation Teacher, Trauma Therapist & Retreat Leader. She has facilitated women’s groups and workshops as a main part of her practice.  She recently wrote a memoir entitled “The Midlife Voyage to Transformation” which she sells on her website.  This memoir shows women in midlife key tools and practices that she used during her midlife years to get through major challenges and grief.  Now Donna facilitates her retreats specifically around grief and is dedicated to teaching women how to heal fully creating a ” midlife voyage” that heals their grief and pain in order to find the full transformation that is on the other side.