Rebirthing in Nature in Taos – July 22-25, 2021 Balance $1195.00 (+ Service Fees) ON SALE**




July 22-25, 2021 4 days/3 nights

—–Are you a woman between the ages of 30 and 65 feeling blocked in your life, not sure how to move forward towards your own personal healing?  Are you reeling from a difficult divorce or death or major change in your life?  Do you get glimpses of a healthier you but keep getting lost again, unable to find a healing path on your own? 

 The physical practices that we will do together on this retreat are all geared towards helping you move through your limitations and see there are really NO limitations! Everything is healable. The more we lean towards our wounding the more it will transform us.   And the more we move through our limiting beliefs and patterns the more self love we cultivate and the more self actualization happens.  We will show you this healing path….

—–Do you lack self-confidence, feel jealousy towards others, lack trust in your decisions, and have a strong self-critical voice that keeps pulling you down into a painful depression loop where you get stuck and immobile? 

 We will help you build your personal confidence and power by challenging you to physically, psychologically and spiritually to expand yourself, to find your greatest strengths through powerful experiences in nature.  As you begin to deepen your own self awareness by moving mindfully through a mountain setting accomplishing these challenges, you will see that you can both trust yourself and move through your fear.  We will sit in a mindful presence holding our fear, learning to have a gentleness, curiosity and compassion towards it. This is a practice that will catapult you into self love and clarity, and thus help you begin to trust yourself!

—–-Do you have past trauma wounds that cause fear and distrust in yourself and in your personal relationships?  Are you fearful of looking more deeply at your own wounds, or limiting beliefs, or even know how to start?   Afraid of even facing these fears? 

 We will help you put one foot in front of the other and do it mindfully, feeling the fear that comes up and allowing it to move through you. You will be lovingly encouraged to stay in your body with each foot fall. As you see your ability to do this, you will feel more encouraged to build that safety inside as your system — you can keep yourself safe!

—–Do you dislike your body, or  have self-sabotaging eating and/or poor self care behaviors that keep you physically & emotionally challenged?   Do you hide your vulnerability by insulating yourself with extra pounds? 

We will offer healthy self-care tools and nutritional guidance regarding inflammation and sugar addiction. As you see your fear being transmuted, you will feel more able to begin your own walking, hiking, running, whatever physical practice you are gravitating towards, trust your wildest dreams! They are not wrong!

—–-Do you long for personal healing and wholeness?  Have you lost a connection with yourself that you can’t seem to find again?  Feeling hopeless about ever finding your authentic self? 

That’s exactly what this retreat is for!  We will help you move towards your healing, we will help you identify your own inner knowing about how to listen to it– with mindfulness, ceremony, and journaling. We are here to help you cultivate the confidence to keep diving for your truth.   

Are you ready to move into your truth and heal?  This retreat will help you break through your grief and pain, and move you onto your healing path, and empower you totally! 

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*Price:   $1995.00  Single & Double Occupancy

Deposit:  $800 due upon registration

Remaining Balance due by May 30th, 2021: $1195

Service Fees: $59.89

If you wish to avoid these fees, you can send $1219.00 by check to 
Women-in-Transformation, 2163 Springs Place, Longmont, CO 80504.

Deposit & Cancellation Policy
Initial deposit of $800 is due upon registration process.   Make payment here for both payments.
Final Payment due 60 days out or by May 23, 2021.   We will notify you of this payment due date.
IF you cancel prior to 60 days out, you will forfeit your deposit.
IF you have to cancel after you have paid in full (60 days – 0 days out) due to an emergency situation, we will try for a partial refund.  No refunds otherwise.
Full Refund if we have to cancel (or you need to cancel) due to COVID-19 related illness or issues.
Transportation to and from the Albuquerque or Santa Fe Airports is not included. You might want to arrive on Wednesday night so that you are ready to start our first day at 10AM.  You will need to make a hotel reservation or other lodging arrangements for Wednesday night if you plan to come in early.

Additional information


Deposit $800, Balance $1195, Service Fees $59.89

If you wish to avoid these fees, you can send $1219.00 by check to 
Women-in-Transformation, 2163 Springs Place, Longmont, CO  80504.


Here’s our schedule: 
Thursday, July 22

12 noon                Arrival at The Blake   — Airport shuttle from Albuquerque 
12:30-1:30            Check-in and Lunch      (in meeting room or dining room?)
1 : 30 -2:00           Meet for Via Ferratta   Welcome & preparation talk  (in meeting room)
2 : 00 -5:00           Via Ferratta (transportation arranged by hotel)
5:00 – 6:00           Free time for journaling – alone time to process (snacks available)
6:00  – 7:00           Dinner 
7:00 –  9:00           Sharing Circle  & Closing Meditation with Mindfulness talk
9:30                      Prep for next day’s hike up to basecamp

Friday, July 23

7:00  –  8:00          Yoga & Meditation   (coffee & tea served)
8:00  –  8:30          Breakfast
9 :00 –  9:30          Prep for day  – Hiking up to basecamp for 2 days
12 Noon               Lunch at Basecamp
12:30 -2:00          Ceremony – Why am I here?  What’s coming up?
2:00 –  4:00          Free time to hike or rest
4:00 –  5:00          Self-Compassion Tools
5:00  – 6:00          Dinner
7:00   -9:00          Sharing Circle 

Saturday, July 24

7:00  –  8:00          Yoga & Meditation   (coffee & tea served)
8:00  –  8:30          Breakfast
9 :00 –  9:30          Prep for day – Big Hike
10:00 –2:00          Hike with picnic lunch on the trail / Mindfulness Practice
2:00 –   4:00          Free time – Alone Time
4:00 –   5:00          Sharing Circle 
5:00 –   6:00          Dinner
7:00 – 9:00           Full Moon Ceremony with Healing meditation and Sound

Sunday, July 25

7:00  –  8:00          Healing Sound Meditation & Yoga Ceremony   (coffee & tea served)
8:00  –  8:30          Breakfast
9 :00 –  10:45        Threshold Crossing Ceremony
10:45-  11:00        Prepare to walk back down the valley to the Blake
11:00 – 12:30        Arrive; goodbyes, Lunch to go 


COVID-19 UPDATE: If there is a need to cancel this retreat due to REMERC closing the retreat center, all payments will be refunded minus $20 administrative fee.
Cancellation Policy: Final Payment due 60 days out
IF you cancel between 60 -30 days out you will receive a 50% refund.  If you cancel prior to 60 days out, you will receive a full refund minus $100.
Full Refund if we have to cancel (or you need to cancel) due to COVID-19 related illness
Transportation to and from the Albuquerque or Santa Fe Airports is not included

Facilitated by Donna Roe Daniell, LCSW

Donna brings over 28 years of experience as a family therapist, vipassana meditation practitioner, MBSR
teacher, certified IFS therapist and trained MSC teacher into her coaching practice.  She works specifically with women in midlife transitions such as divorce, death of a loved one, empty-nesting, caretaking a loved one, menopause or major medical issues, and retirement or work transitions.   Her unique coaching  program, “The Midlife Voyage to Transformation,” offers a powerful mindfulness toolbox that ignites fierce courage in the face of fear. This roadmap through your grief brings true authenticity, clarity, and passion back into your life again.